Hey guys

Ok so ive been gone for like 4 months and im sorry. I dunno I kinda just lost hope and determination to work on food fight. But ive still been thinking about it. I decided for pineapple to just have a pineapple as his melee weapon for now. Just something to whack people with. Now on to snack attack. I dunno why but I really like snack attack. So anyway, I decided for the MK Donut 3000 mission, its gonna have special enemies atleast near the end, if not through out the whole mission. Here are a few concepts I made up:

Jelly Donut: Walk really slow but have alot of health. It doesnt hurt you unless you kill it, and when you kill it, it explodes into jelly that sprays everywhere, but if you dont kill it in time then it will reach the loot crate and explode and deal ALOT of damage, maybe even enough to get a game over.

Maple Bar: Slow, but not as slow as the jelly donut, They are really long, like a maple bar and make their way to the loot crate. Like the jelly donut, they dont hurt you directly. Instead of attacking you, they summon little caramel minions that have like 1 health and dont do alot of damage but there can be alot of them, so yeah. You have to kill the caramel minions quickly or else there will be alot and its hard to get rid of them unless you have jalapeno. Also, if they DO reach the loot crate, then they just make a ton of caramel minions until it completely disappears. It has quite a bit of health too.

Donut hole: Just a small little chocolate ball that is like a stronger version of a caramel minion. Appear on like the 1st wave.

Glazed Donut: They have pretty moderate speed and pretty moderate health. They dont do any damage, but instead just shoot out glaze which make you blind. When you get blinded by the glaze, your whole screen turns glazed and hard to see, giving the effect that you got glazed and it makes it harder to see. The glaze effect will last for about 5 seconds

Twisty Donut: I dont know what they’re called but you probably know what im talking about. The twisty donuts dont do much at first, but when they get far enough, they will plop on the ground and twist super fast and attack you. They cant get hurt when they are in their twisty phase which lasts about 2-3 seconds. They walk pretty fast normally and they go really fast when they’re at full speed in their twisty phase.

Anyway, thats all for now. I hope I can get some more work done and hopefully make something that might even closely resemble food fight sometime. Thats all for now. Seeya



New Characters!!!

Hey guys! So today I decided to add 2 characters! Pineapple and Coconut! I added Pineapple cause everyone kept on telling me they wanted it and I added Coconut cause I really want Coconut in Food Fight and you will see why! So, now im gonna explain them!


Strong like melon but not AS strong. A little faster than melon but not as fast as apple. Has a RPP (Rocket Propelled Pineapple), which is sorta like the apple launcher, but it loads 1 pineapple at a time and does WAY more damage and has a bigger explosion radius. Now im having a tough time with the melee weapon so just give me some time. And its last weapon is the pineapple popper! Its like a grenade, but it looks like a pineapple! Not too in depth but whatever.


VERY tough, tougher than melon and as slow as melon. Slower when holding his main weapon, a Cocannon! Its a coconut cannon! Holds 3 coconuts at a time and they shoot pretty fast, but take a while to load up and fire. He has a coconut on a stick (I dont know what to call it other than that.) and a palm tree! With the palm tree, he can plant it in the ground and it makes a palm tree! Over time coconuts will sprout up and you and your teammates can hit the palm tree and the coconuts will fall and you can eat them for health! But enemies can also destroy it, so you gotta protect it!

So yeah, thats all for now, seeya later! -Alex

New Characters???

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in a while, by the way. Anyway, I MIGHT add a new character. I have been thinking of either strawberry, coconut or pineapple, but I dunno which one to put in the game, so you guys can comment down in the comment section which one YOU want! Im not gonna say the weapons because the sets aren’t complete and because I want it to be a surprise. So anyway, comment below what you want! Seeya! -Alex

Merry Christmas!

I know this is a little early, but whatever. Merry Christmas! Also it might seem like im just forgetting about food fight a bit but I have been thinking ALOT about it and trying to bring it to life (or atleast the InDev version) and other things. So yeah, anyway merry christmas! Seeya!


By the way

I know barely anyone even looks at this blog, but if anyone knows how to make videogames like this and can help me to make Food Fight real, PLEASE tell me! I have been dreaming about making this a game for years now. So please, if you know how to make games, then comment on this post saying that you can. Thank you. -Alex

New Idea for Snack Attack! PART 1

Before I start this post, I know, I have been doing alot of Snack Attack things. Like, almost half of the things I post are about snack attack! I dunno, maybe I just really like the concept, or I like making new characters, or making new weapons etc. But honestly, I dont know, so im trying my best to balance out normal food fight with snack attack so yeah, please just bear with me please. Anyway, without further a-due, lets get on with my ideas!


I mentioned this in an earlier post about snack attack missions, but I never really talked about it, but I always wanted to expand on it one way or another, so im going to. First off, there will be be about 10 missions, The first one being King Donut (Obviously). Second off, the King Donut mission will be WAAAAAAAAAAAAYY easier, because the King Donut mission is the first mission, nothing special, also the King Donut items wont be nearly as rare or special. So, each mission is, if corse, gonna have the potato chips, PoP, cookies and the usual cast of enemies, but alot of them will have new enemies! Also there will be different difficulties, Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced and each one will be harder or easier than the others. Note: These difficulties arent the difficulties you can SET for the round, these are just the overall difficulty of it.

Phew, im talking too fast. Okay let me slow down and say things in detail.

Instead of the King Donut mission being super crazy hard to get to the end, it will be way easier, along with the other missions. You wont have to play the mission for like 200 hours, have a team of 700 people and all have the best items in the game and be able to fuse together with the power of friendship and harmony to be able to beat 1 potato chip. Instead, it will just be like a “Beat em up” sorta game. Hordes of really easy enemies, along with some tough or even really hard enemies/bosses mixed in. In all, to beat the King Donut mission, it will probably take about 15 minutes and have a group of 4 people who have been playing for about a week or 2 now. But, thats not with all the missions. The missions wont be free (And no, they wont cost money), you have to get keys, which are found in Loot Crates once you finish a mission. It permanentaly unlocks 1 mission that can be opened with that certain type of key. The harder the mission, the better the key it drops. For example, the king donut mission gives you 1 bronze key, which open up 1 bronze mission. The harder the mission, the higher key it will cost you. But, there IS 1 mission that needs a very special key. To get it you have to beat every mission on medium difficulty or above. Once you do that, you will receive the Diamond Key, which unlocks the final mission;

Revenge of King Donut.

It is the hardest mission and beating it will reward you with GLORIOUS loot (Which I will talk about part 2.), along with a badge for that mission. There are also other missions too, which I mentioned before. I haven’t though of bosses for all of them yet, but so far I have got the Pudding Monster and General Frosting. Pudding Monster is a beginning mission with a giant pile of pudding as the main boss. General Frosting’s mission will be an advanced mission, that features a giant cake as the boss.

Anyway, I have to rest for a bit, my fingers are nearly broken from typing so much. So, I will see you guys later! Seeya! -Alex

P.S: You thought we were done? Wait for part 2, coming out soon. (I hope)

Happy Late Halloween!

Sorry about not posting an update on halloween. As I said in a previous post, I get really tired from school and I usually just sleep. But yeah, happy halloween!

P.S: Sorry there are no halloween items. I might make some soon and also maybe some thanksgiving items, but if I can, I hope to make NORMAL items.

Anyway, seeya! -Alex

Hey guys

Just wanted to let you know that im still trying to work on Food Fight as much as I can, its just that school has been a huge distraction, and if having 7 hours taken out of my time to work on Food Fight was bad enough, im usually super tired afterwards so I have to rest. So its just been really hard to try and work on Food Fight but im still trying, so dont worry, im trying to make new updates as fast as I can. Anyway, seeya guys soon, hopefully. -Alex